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Hi there. I'm Kim.

Capturing memories on film and video has always been important to me. Life moves quickly and documenting that special moment helps us attempt to stop time and take it all in... if even for just a minute. That being said, I get caught up in the details and try to preserve life's celebrations and loved ones.

I have always loved taking photos and videos. One of my favorite photos is one I took at my parent's 50th anniversary lunch. My father was very ill, but was determined to enjoy lunch with us. In that photo, my parents looked so happy. That's when I realized how precious these celebrations are, and holding on to that photo of such a beautiful day filled with love will last forever.

My two boys are the most incredible blessing I have received! They constantly give me reasons to film them singing and playing guitar, capturing a great view while traveling, or to photograph them while playing tennis. They encourage me and push me to explore new adventures... they inspire me every day.

One day, I met Alyssa. Teaching together, we became fast friends. Our friendship blossomed and grew into family. We would celebrate and travel as often as possible, and we still do.

As fate would have it, I brought my camera to a wedding with Alyssa and before I knew it, I became her second shooter. Today, I am the videographer part of our photo + video team.

We calm anxious grooms and new parents. We cut wedding cakes. We film in rain, sleet, sun, and sand. Our connection transcends into our work vibe while we are photographing and filming, and that creative chemistry shows in our work. We see things differently and bring those different points of view together to give you, our clients, our best work.

The opportunity to document your special day, be it a birthday, an anniversary, an adoption, an engagement, an elopement, a senior session, a family session, or your wedding, is an incredible honor. We value family and make it our mission to give you the very best photographic/cinematic experience possible.

Thanks to my loved ones for supporting my adventures! I am a lucky girl to have such encouragement to follow my dreams in this life.



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